Saturday, 13 February 2010

Premiere 13/2/2010

Today we caught the 10:30 service 65 from Nottingham to Normanton on Soar. It left on time but was 2 or 3 minutes early leaving all stops after the QMC arriving 2 minutes early. We were the only passengers most of the time but the driver said it was busier on weekdays. It was modern, clean and well presented little bus but rather noisy. The picutres are at Normanton and Kegworth.

In the afternoon we caught the 14:35 service X9 from Loughborough to Nottingham. This was a former NCT Scania tri-axle. I thought it rode smoothly and it was on time through the villages arriving in Broadmarsh 1 minute early. Both pictures are in Loughborough.
I was surprised that neither TrentBarton nor NCT were interested in this route when Arriva withdrew the 99.
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